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Book Description

This book was written to have unique content which would not be found in any other book. It is an outgrowth of diligence in foreign exchange market (Forex or currency market). In this book you will find valuable information. All statistics, data, charts, methodologies and strategies that found in this book are from my physical and mental effort.

Forex is one of the most important inventions in all of human history.
Let's focus to achieve success. Don't be afraid to fail.

This book focuses on:

Three types of analysis that lies in:

  • 75% of technical analysis and forecast.
  • 20% of sentiment analysis and trading psychology built-in capital management.
  • 5% fundamental analysis.

This book focuses on technical analysis:
Numerical analysis: algorithm, probabilities, equations, golden ratio and techniques of applying Fibonacci levels.

The strategies of this book have been tested between 2011 and 2017. I practiced these strategies in analysis since 2011. Additionally, I was been written more than 3000 trading analysis articles in a broker company depending on these numerical strategies. Technical analysis are pure technical aspect of trading, it is somehow virtual but accurate enough to make money. On the contrary, the fundamental analysis is the real aspect of trading because the market moves according to it.

Carefully organized trading course and strategies.
A planned series of future events to build your knowledge in Forex.

Why I prefer using technical analysis?

Because it is very precise in a short term and medium for that we use historic rates to determine future prices. And history usually repeats itself at certain level. Remind you that most of indicators are just following the market, not predict the market as many traders think. Consequently, we can say that indicators are working without precision. After a long time of searching in the foreign exchange market and found that the volatility is one of the most raison for losing profit thence these statistics will be profitable because it has a relation between range of the market and the volatility for that it should realize the market movement.

Brilliant topics:

  • The biggest mistakes of traders of using Fibonacci retracement levels.
  • The money management and risk management strategy.
  • Why 95% of new traders lose their first deposit in the first month?
  • Combine both of technical (technical analysis and fundamental analysis).
  • The most Forex trading mistakes.
  • The key factors for trading success!
  • How to become a masterful trader?

Be assured that this book grants you at least 15,000 hours of experiences in order to succeed in Forex. Believing, in yourself is the most powerful weapon to moving forward.

My trading philosophy in this book:

  • Market is friend of nobody. It moves depending on the ask and bid.
  • Your emotions will never direct the market, because feelings and desires have not the ability to manage Forex trading.
  • Only positive energy that attracts success and fortune to you.

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My Philosophy

My philosophy is to make my readers happy, to enable them to regain that confidence they lost by helping them improve their skills. I cannot fathom the happiness nourishing my deep heart while I hear that someone was able to improve income from my strategies.

Any serious job or business needs between 10,000 hours and 30,000 hours so as to become excellent in this job.
Be assured that this book grants you at least 15,000 (of my research) hours of experiences in order to succeed in Forex.
So, The success in your hands now.
Read this book, then practice what you read to start making money online.

Only positive energy that attracts success and fortune to you.
Learn more, earn more!


The Foreign Exchange Market is a wonderful world. It’s easy to get into and make money quickly. However, It is hard to master. Without the correct training and guidance, you will soon fall victim to the ‘retail trader’ syndrome.
Stop thinking like a ‘retail trader’.
Retail traders are destined to lose money. The general statistic is 95% will lose.
Trade like a Broker!
Brokers on the whole, make money! There are methods of trading that they keep close to their chests so that they don’t give their edge away.

What We Trade?

This Years Trades So Far.
2016-2017 has been a great year for financial trading. With both the USA Elections and Brexit causing some great market volitility recently, I have already past my expectations for this financial year. Over to the right hand side, you will see how my portolio is split up and the returns in each instrument. I’m sure you will agree, this is a phominal year for me!

Forex Secrets Revealed Inside

My technical strategies have been formulated and worked on for more than 8 years. From the moment I started recording my trading and developing best practices for my entries and exits.
Inside you will find a wealth of knowledge on how to setup the perfect entry with back tested strategies that I still use myself to this day.
I will teach you when to exit a winning trade and more importantly, how to rescue a losing trade. We’ve all been there when our Stop Loss has been hit then, moments later the market reverses and we ‘should’ have made a killing.
My system will teach you how to maximise your profits in these situations with our ‘trade scout’ strategy.
I want you to see that I am serious about helping you gain financial freedom on the Forex markets and hope you will enjoy this book to start making money.

Become A Forex Trader Expert

Pictures of the book

In this ebook, you will find accurate, detailed information that will aid you comprehend what Forex is, how it is being used, and it will explain everything that you need to know to start earning money in Forex in order to achive your goals and ambitions.

In life, one thing I had learnt it that you cannot pass over steps. Everything goes step by step. I had already reached my target, and it is the first time I share this new cerebrate about trading and how can make profit in foreign exchange market, because in my family, friends, nobody was trading Forex market. I was the only one among them who interests in this field of business because I was also the only one who sacrifices his time and money to be one of the successful traders. Results may vary, as with any business opportunity, could make more or less.

I will reveal you the secret of success in this book how can take profit from trading foreign exchange market. You think need money to get influence over your friends, family, people in your near surrounding etc. Well, it’s not all about the money. That’s the mistake - right there! The money will not come your way with no effort involved from your part. Some people work themselves off to get the money, and some put so little effort yet they get the maximal results. Success in any business opportunity is a result of smart work, time of researching and practicing thereupon I always advise people to follow my strategies to lead them to success in Forex.

Key Features

This book contains the following information:

Character (spaces included): approximately 200k.
Confirmation of weekly strategy: 1 model.
22 questions, 1 exercise, and 8 wonders.
Approximately 12 tips and 7 advices.
Up to 4 observations and 4 remarks.
1 quiz of 30 questions, answer quiz.
Up to 9 warnings and 1 notification.
Up to 4 conclusions and 73 results.
Up to 3 trading recommendations.
Weekly strategy - buy: 12 models.
Weekly strategy - sell: 10 models.
Up to 57 notes and 1 noteworthy.
Approximately 50 forecasts.
Words: approximately 40k.
Lines: approximately 14k.
Daily strategy: 5 models.
Photos and pictures: 28.
Approximately 10 ideas.
Up to 16 descriptions.
Up to 14 definitions.
Up to 64 examples.
Statistic tables: 61.
Up to 24 practices.
Up to 3 overviews.
Up to 16 signals.
Info tables: 48.
31 answers.
2 summaries.
Pages: 163.
Charts: 82.
Graphs: 8.
1 wisdom.
1 diary.

Book Contents


Forex quiz

Introduction about Forex

  • What is Forex?
  • Traded
  • Major currencies
  • Pairs
  • Information - facts provided

Forex Terminology

  • Bid and Ask, Spread, Pip
  • Type of pending order in Forex trading
  • Leverage
  • Technical analysis, OHLC, Indicators
  • Range, Average, Volatility
  • Range statistics (2012 - 2016)
  • Detailing range
  • Resistance and Support, Pivot Point
  • Probabilities and pivot point (2012 - 2016)
  • Market movement
  • Philosophy of Buy-Sell in Forex

Expert Advisors

Forex broker

  • Tips for selecting a Forex broker

Sequences in mathematics

  • Number sequences
  • Fibonacci
  • Pascal's triangle
  • Golden rectangles
  • Forex and golden rectangles
  • Continued fraction

Golden ratio

  • What is the golden ratio?


  • Fibonacci number
  • How to use Fibonacci accurately?

Money management

  • The money management and risk management strategy


  • Weekly strategy - Conditions for selling
  • 10 Examples – Sell
  • Weekly strategy - Conditions for buying
  • 12 Examples – Buy
  • Daily strategy - Bearish market
  • Daily strategy - Bullish market
  • Confirmation of technical analysis and fundamental analysis

Sentiment analysis

  • The most Forex trading mistakes
  • The key factors for trading success

Financial market

  • Kinds of financial market and history of money

Brilliant topics

  • The biggest mistakes of traders of using Fibonacci retracement levels.
  • Why 95% of new traders lose their first deposit in the first month?
  • Combine both of technical (technical analysis and fundamental analysis).
  • How to become a masterful trader?

Useful notifications

  • Esoteric human strength
  • Live life
  • Forex quiz - answers
  • Epilogue
  • General risk warning

About the Author

Who am I?

I am professional trader and analyst in foreign exchange market with outstanding experience.

Why I trade?

I trade Forex with a view to achieve my target to be one of the best traders of all time.


  • Professional analyst in foreign exchange market.
  • Especially Forex and research analysis.
  • Trading strategist.
  • Financial market.
  • Currency forecast and recommendations analysis.
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin and Ethereum).
  • Money management.

What is my philosophy?

The important thing for me is to make my readers happy, to enable them to regain that confidence they lost by assisting them improve their skills. Because, my readers’ satisfaction is my priority.


  • Project management: using acquired skills to manage trading accounts.
  • Investment manager in Forex.
  • Excellent to share skills with the best companies and investors in the world to provide them deals and projects.
  • Analytical expert.
  • Researcher in foreign exchange market.
  • Online course and education seminar.
  • Authoring articles, topics, and a piece of writing.


Algorithm, philosophy, psychology, economics, social work, creativity, and the theory of probability.

My motto:

Change your mind to positive immediately.
If you don't take your mind to another level, you won't see things in different way until a camel enters into the eye of a needle.

Read more about the author

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments - I’d be delighted to hear from you.
With kind regards,

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