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Place of research

I have been making research as analytical expert, department manager of analytics with InstaForex companies group. My responsibilities and especially in InstaForex companies are: Authoring articles of currency forecast and recommendations in foreign exchange market, and specially Forex, and research analysis.


In 2003, I obtained bachelor's degree in Experimental Sciences.
In 2007, I was holding a degree in software engineering analysis.

Story with Forex

I started Forex trading since a long time. I was been written articles and analytical reviews of Forex market for Forex websites and forums. I have been performing Forex market research and developing and implementing my own trading strategies of Forex technical analysis that lies in:

Technical analysis:

  • Numerical analysis: algorithm, probabilities, equations and techniques of applying Fibonacci levels.
  • Classical analysis: breakout strategy and trend indicators.

Types of analysis:

  • Fundamental analysis.
  • Technical analysis.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • Forecast.

Money management:

  • Always risk (stop loss) 1% - 5% or 1% - 7% as maximum risk of the capital per all trades (open deals). Try making a profit of 10% - 30% monthly.
  • Always trade the risk to reward ratio of 1:1.5 at least.
  • Always trade high probability trade up to 80% of success.

For a big capital:

  • Forex profit of trading 20% - 50% yearly, with a low risk of less than 1%.


A lot of prizes and certificates from Forex brokers.
Winner of several social work awards: Education Literacy and Non-Formal Education (in Literacy and Adult Education in The National Initiative for Human Development).


I was been written more than 3000 trading analysis articles in InstaForex companies group. Furthermore, I shared more than ten thousand of topics and analytical reviews of Forex market on websites and forums.


I have a lot of experiences in Forex and other skills such as: responsible, determined and ambitious economist with a wide theoretical and practical knowledge in following areas: international investments; international business environment; international finance; people management; international accounting; international business law. Mastering of problem solving skills, successful in critical analysis, detail oriented. I am capable of accomplishing assignments regardless of possible pressure. I am a successful trader in Forex, money management, and risk management principles. I also have a high quality of knowledge in computer and internet technology.

Positive qualities

Serious, honesty, respect, modest, patient, candid, trustworthy, cooperative, businesslike, responsibility, open-mindedness, philanthropist, justice, transparency, creativity, proficiency, inventive, knowledgeable, perceptive, promptitude, thoughtful, wisdom, and morality.

Proud of my capitalist

  • Interior: Faith and insight.
  • Exterior: Thought and knowledge.

More freetime

Algorithm, philosophy, psychology, economics, social work, and the theory of probability.

Outdoor activities, creativity, sports, shopping, reading, and computer.

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Over 10 years of service and experience.

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